Michele Abbate and the Performance P1 Motorsports #88 car

With some questionable weather at the beginning of the week, Michele headed to Irwindale Speedway for two days of testing before her debut race in the NASCAR Whelen All-American series. On Thursday Abbate attended the night practice at Irwindale from 5pm-9pm. Getting a handful of 10 lap sessions in, she began to feel a little more confident in the Performance P1 Motorsports #88 late model. Abbate stated, “These cars are a blast to drive. The PP1M team has set this car up really well and I am honored to be in the driver’s seat!”. Travis Irving, a long-time friend of Abbate, assisted in coaching and spotting for the #88 car.

Michele Abbate takes laps in the #88 PP1M late model at Irwindale Speedway

Teammate Jesse Iwuji joined the scheduled practice night on Friday. The weather permitted some light rain and mist, but both driver’s were able to get some more seat time while at the track. Abbate improved her Thursday laptime by another tenth, landing a 19.41 as her best in the first two days of driving the car. Abbate admits, “I have a lot to learn but it is nice to feel comfortable in the seat, now its a matter of trusting the car and being able to predict it as I pick up my pace”.

Abbate heads out for practice for the NASCAR Whelen All American Series in the PP1M #88 car

Saturday morning the sun began to shine through some clouds, but as the afternoon came, more overcast came and humidity got stronger. One practice session at 1:40pm was completed, but just as 2:00pm hit, the rain began to fall. With several hours before the race start, the teams had hopes of it clearing up, but unfortunately mother nature dominated the outcome.

The rain just wouldn’t let up in time for the race.

“It is unfortunate to have to postpone my debut, but I am very thankful for the seat time I got, and I honestly look forward to the May 16th race! A huge thank you to the entire PP1M team – Joe, Vince, Henry, Keith, Dave, Bud, Travis, Chuck, James, and Tim for your attention to detail and commitment. I am totally counting the days til the next race!”

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  • April 27, 2015
    Bud Budavari

    You made GREAT improvements in the short time you had in the car! You will do well on May 16th! See you then!!

    • April 27, 2015

      Thanks so much Bud! 🙂 Can’t wait!

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