Article Marketing Robot Review - Is it Worth Buying AMR?

Article Marketing Robot Review – Is it Worth Buying AMR?

If you’re into article marketing and looking for an honest Article Marketing Review then you have reached the correct page. Here I’m going to tell you the pros and cons about this product and whether it is really worth it to buy Article Marketing Robot.

This software allows you to submit articles to thousands of article directories automatically. If you were to submit the articles manually it would take you several days to achieve the same.

Of course, the initial setup does take some time, but once completed you can then submit articles with just a few clicks.

This software supports various types of article directory scripts like wordpress article sites, article dashboard, Article MS, Article beach etc. The software supports more than 3000 article directories.

Distributing articles to such a large number of article directories can potentially provide a lot of traffic and backlinks. It is well known fact that article marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. These articles can provide traffic for a long period of time unlike PPC or any other paid traffic.

Article Marketing Robot Review – The Pros

The AMR software comes with a built in spinner. This means you can create hundreds of unique variations of your article by spinning it. And then you can distribute a unique spun version to each of the article directors. If done correctly, this can help overcome the duplicate content issue.

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The software also allows you to add your own list of article directories over and above the thousands of inbuilt directories. Plus the software also provides the feature for automatic email confirmations after you signup to the directories.

Another great feature is the scheduling of article distribution. This allows you to distribute articles over a period of time, thus making it look more natural to the search engines.

Many of the other article submission software’s don’t provide good reporting and tracking of published articles.

AMR provides excellent reporting and tracking of articles and urls. Once you know the urls of published articles you can ensure that the articles get indexed and you get a backlink.

Article Marketing Robot Review – The Cons

The only minor issue that some people have mentioned is the initial setting up of accounts on various article directories can take some time. And also there is some amount of learning involved before you become an expert with this software. These minor issues and can be easily overcome by putting in the required time and effort.

Should you Buy Article Marketing Robot?

If you’re into article marketing then this piece of software can help you in saving time and money. The support provided by AMR team is excellent and the product gets updated regularly to keep pace with changes that happen on the Internet.

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The best part is that the product comes with 60 days money back guarantee. So you can easily give this product a try.