Magnetic Messaging Review - Does Bobby Rio's Key Lock Sequence Work?

Magnetic Messaging Review – Does Bobby Rio’s Key Lock Sequence Work?

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have recently released a program called magnetic messaging. It seems this program provides some unique text messaging techniques for guys who have the telephone number of the girl they want to date, but are unsure about how to get started. Also this program featured in couple of top PUA forums and that’s the reason we decided to do a review of this program.

In this magnetic messaging review we’ll take a close look at this program and find out if this texting system is really effective. We will examine the pros and cons of this program and get all relevant facts so that you can decide if you want to buy this program.

What Exactly Is The Magnetic Messaging Program?

This is basically a texting guide written by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, who are recognized as top dating experts for men. According to Bobby and Rob, when you have a woman’s telephone number, there exists a window of opportunity to make use of the number into meet-up, sex, or a relationship. However it seems most men mess up with this opportunity.

This is where Bobby and Rob W88 Slot claim that their program teaches men the exact text messages they should send that will lead to a meet up. They call the series of 3 specific text messages – “The Key Lock Sequence”. It seems these specific text messages will make a woman anxious and literally wanting to meet up with you.

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What Is Included In The Program?

  • The magnetic messaging program has an e-book with 185 pages. The introductory part of the book introduces you to the 3 important ingredients of text messaging. These three ingredients are defined as – sparking an emotion, creating a bond or making connections and making her think about you sexually. This sequence of messaging has been defined as the “Key Lock Sequence” in this program.
  • The 6 part book covers in three phases various aspects like when to text and what to text, The Key Lock Sequence, how to get her excited for a date, first date, how to keep it sizzling, getting the second date, texting a girl you just slept with, create relationship, maintaining the spark in your relationship and how to begin sexting.
  • Part-5 of the book also has questions and mistakes to avoid in the phone game, and the deadly texting mistakes that can cost you dearly.
  • Then there are bonuses that include – The 99 Best Texts of All Time, Magnetic Mastermind Kit and Infatuation Formula Videos.

Magnetic Messaging Review – Pros

  • Provides a simple three step text messaging process that can help you to date a woman of your choice.
  • Bobby Rio and Rob Judge provide the exact steps and texts that are proven to work based on years of experience using them. When to text, what to expect and how to respond are clearly defined. So basically you get a system that actually works and delivers. This is real pick up artists (PUA) stuff.
  • The program provides you the exact do’s and don’ts of dating relationship. This can help you in avoiding those critical mistakes that often prove costly.
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The Cons

  • Some of the guys may find it overwhelming to read a book with more than 185 pages. But let me tell you that the book is packed with real useful information. So if you’re serious about texting and dating a girl, you better read the whole book.
  • The book talks about limiting the number of text messages so that you can get more with less. However the book does not tell how frequently you should text.

Magnetic Messaging Review – Conclusions

  • It’s a fact that no dating program can guarantee 100% results, however this book comes from renowned dating pick up artists, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, and has a proven formula for texting and dating women.
  • By following the techniques in this book you will only improve your dating and texting skills. The bonus 99 best text messages further save you time and effort.
  • The product comes with standard 60 days money back guarantee. So if you’re a guy who likes dating, but struggling to get a proven method to text and date women, then you can surely try this product risk free.