Sonic Producer Review - Ultimate Music Software Or Just A Hoax?

Sonic Producer Review – Ultimate Music Software Or Just A Hoax?

If you’re a music enthusiast then this Sonic Producer Review should be of interest to you because this online beat making application allows you to make some good music quickly.

While there are other products on the market but after some extensive search I found out that this product is a quality product for the price you pay and that’s why I focused on this Sonic Producer Review.

What is Sonic Producer?

Simply put this product is a music making software that is simple and powerful.

What separates this software from others is the ease of use and simplicity.

Once you login to the member’s area (you will need an internet connection) you will find all the help and tutorials you need to make music. This includes the online software, videos, documentation and sounds. You get access to a large database of sounds that you can use to make your own music.

What’s more inspiring is the fact that you can listen to beats produced by others. Similarly others can also listen to the beats that you produce. This is a great way to get some feedback from others.

The sonic producer software Business is just not a sequencer but with the available sounds you make your own beats. The software interface has a 16-track mixer and 8 pad drums.

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Once you’re done with making beats you can easily download the music produced in mp3 format to your local PC.

What Do You Get When You Buy Sonic Producer?

Once you pay for the software you will get:

  • Access to the member’s area where you can use the online beat making software. This software is not downloadable.
  • You get access to video tutorials that help you get started with producing music even if you’re a beginner. Following the instructions you will be able to make your first beat.
  • You also get detailed video instruction for making eastcoast beats, club bangers and several other advanced beat making tips.
  • Then there are pre-made beats and samples that you can download and listen. This gives you more ideas to use the software.
  • Additionally this product comes with email support.

Sonic Producer Pros

  • The best thing about this software is the ease of you. In the members area you’ll find all the tools and sounds required for making beats of high quality. If you get stuck at any point there are video tutorials for most of the things.
  • The sounds that come with the software is real good quality and can be easily compared with some top brand keyboards and expensive software’s on the market. The beat making application also gives you tons of instruments that you can use for making your own beats.
  • Another great advantage is the money back guarantee offered by the product. If you buy the software and are not happy with it, you can always get a refund within 60 days of purchase.
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Sonic Producer Cons

  • One of the things that I found missing was the preview of sound and instruments sample. Although you find tons of samples however you will have to use the sound when making your beats and only then you will really come to know how good it is. A preview would allow you to listen before you use it on your track. Although this is not such a big deal, but a good to have feature.
  • Another good to have video tutorial is the basic lesson on sound mixing for beginners. This way a novice user of sonic producer software will not get overwhelmed with all the samples and can get started with some basic sound samples that will give good results.

Sonic Producer Review Conclusion

All in all this software is good for both beginners and advanced users. For the price of the Crunchy Coach software it may not be easy to get another software that offers all the sounds and other features that are required for producing quality beats. If you’re keen about producing music using your computer and software then you can surely give this product a try.