PS3 Light of Death Fix - A Review of PS3 Light Fix

PS3 Light of Death Fix – A Review of PS3 Light Fix

Fix The Red Light Of Death, Yellow Light Of Death, Red Screen And Other Problems With Your PS3 Without Forking Out Hundreds Of Dollars And Long Wait Times

In this PS3 Light of Death Fix Review we are providing an analytical review of the PS3 Yellow / Red light repair guide from When I searched for a good review of PS3 light fix on the Internet I couldn’t find a good one and that’s the reason for this review.

The problem of PS3 red light blinking is a common one and can happen due to several reasons. When my PS3 gave this problem I wanted to send it to SONY for repairs. However a SONY representative on phone told me about 4-6 weeks wait time and $150 charges. I didn’t want to wait for 4 weeks and therefore went about searching for a solution on the Internet.

After doing some serious searching I found offering a PS3 Light of death fix guide. I was a bit skeptical initially because I believed that a repair guide would be worthless. However since I didn’t have any other option so I went ahead and purchased this product.

To my surprise I found the product to be pretty good. PS3 light fix product contained the following:

Videos: There were 4 videos and each one was different. Basically the videos cover PS3 yellow light fix, PS3 orange light fix, PS3 Red light fix and other details.

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Guides: The guides provided more detailed pictures and explanations. These guides are written in easy to understand language without using any technical terms.

Support: The support response from was also good. I got answers to my mails within 24 hours, which is pretty decent.

PS3 Light of Death Fix Verdict:

After going through the videos and guides it barely took me an hour and half to fix the problem. Without having to wait for weeks and spending $150 I managed a PS3 light of death fix. In this process I saved more than 100 dollars.

If you’re looking for PS3 Yellow Light of Death Fix / PS3 Red Light of Death Fix,

I recommend you to take a look at the PS3 Light Fix guide for sure.