Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Review - Richard Grey's Survival Food System

Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Review – Richard Grey’s Survival Food System

When it comes to survival, everyone wants to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies like hurricane, storms, floods etc. But many a times, lack of information makes it difficult for people to take the correct steps so that they can feed their family and keep them in a safe place during emergencies or when disaster strikes.

To help people survive such situations, Richard Grey has come out with a product called the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts. This is an information product that claims to provide you the exact steps along with list of material so that you can setup a micro farm system that runs on auto pilot and can easily feed your family with food and water.

Richard Grey says that you can setup this system in your backyard in just a few hours by following the instructions given inside Self Sufficiency Shortcuts videos and guides. It seems after setting up this system you can become self-sufficient in just a few weeks.

According to Richard Grey you don’t require a lot of space, just a few square feet area can help you to setup this automated system.

Anyone who wants to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies would be interested in knowing more about a survival food system. This is the reason we decided to find out more information about Richard Grey’s system and share the details in this short review.

What’s Unique About Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Program?

  • As per Richard Grey this is an inexpensive system for providing food and fresh water security for your family so that you are not left out to starve in case of a disaster or an emergency. This system can be implemented by spending a few hundred dollars only.
  • It seems you can setup this system by following the videos and the PDF reports in just a few hours. This will give you a micro farm or a survival food system that literally runs on auto pilot mode. You will only have to spend a few minutes each day to monitor and maintain the system.
  • Richard Grey says that you don’t require any technical knowledge or construction experience to setup this project. Even if you have never used a screwdriver in your life, you can still build this system.
  • Richard Grey’s program provides you all the information you require like – where to procure the parts inexpensively, how to soundproof the system so that no one will ever hear any sound, what to do to keep the micro farm cool during humid and hot summers, how to setup the different modules in this system, how to do regular maintenance and much more.
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Details Of This System

  • The self-sufficient micro farm will consist of a small coop where you can raise chickens, turkey, rabbit etc. Waste from the coop is transported to a small garden using PVC pipes and Water. This waste in the garden helps in growing and fertilizing the. This water then goes through a bed rock so that it gets purified 100%.
  • The purified water can be used for drinking purpose and also for supplying water to a fish tank in case you decided to have one. Water from the fish tank can be circulated to the coop or to the garden for irrigation purposes.
  • This complete cycle can be automated so that very little maintenance is required every day.
  • It seems when a system like this is implemented properly, you can expect fresh eggs, meat, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables that can easily feed a family of 4 people with meals thrice a day.

Pros of Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Program

  • This is an easy to implement system that can provide food security for your family in case of emergencies and disasters. Even a novice can watch the videos and read the guides to implement this system.
  • This system is designed in such a way that nobody will come to know of it. Therefore you can be sure that nobody will steal your animals.
  • In case of a disaster this system is 100% portable so that you can just move the system to another location using your vehicle.
  • This is a totally customizable system so that you can pick and choose the modules you want to have. For example in case you don’t want to have fish then you can setup the system without it.
  • The guides provided in this program give a list of material required to implement this system and also the details of where to procure the material inexpensively.
  • When you buy the Self Sufficiency Shortcuts program you are going to get some bonus products along with the core videos and PDF guides. Here are the details of the bonuses – animal lifesavers, speed breeding secrets, the complete guide to canning and preserving food, square foot potato production and 24/7 personal email support for an entire year.
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  • Although this is a fully automated system but still manual intervention will be required from time to time to keep the system operational at all times.
  • Resources like water and cleaning of the coop will be required to keep the system clean and hygienic.
  • Although Richard Grey claims that this system can be implemented in just a few hours, but it may take much longer for most people.

Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Review Conclusions

Since 24,000 people have already used this program to design and setup a micro farm in their backyard, Richard Grey’s program does provide good information about setting up this SGP Totobet system.

Those who purchase Richard Grey’s program and follow the steps in the videos and the PDF guides, can expect to setup a survival food system in their backyard.